NXP – Double transistor offers excellent thermal performance


The PBSS4220PANS from NXP Semiconductors is an NPN/NPN double transistor notable for its very low collector-emitter saturation voltage. It is the counterpart of the PNP/PNP PBSS5220PAPS device.

The PBSS4220PANS transistor is housed in a leadless medium-power SOT1118D surface-mount package measuring just 2mm x 2mm x 0.7mm. The package has an exposed heat-sink, which provides for excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Because the transistor generates little waste heat, it is able to achieve high levels of energy efficiency.

The transistor is rated for a maximum voltage of 20V, and a maximum continuous current of 2A. DC current gain is as much as a factor of 450, and reaches 260 even when sourcing a pulsed collector current of 2A.

Collector-emitter saturation voltage is rated at 60mV at a collector current of 0.5A, and 240mV at a collector current of 2A.


  • Visible and solderable side pads
  • Suitable for automatic optical inspection
    of solder joints
  • AEC-Q101 qualified


  • Load switches
  • Battery-powered devices
  • Power-management circuits
  • Charging circuits
  • LED lighting
  • Motors
  • Fans