NXP – Logic-level MOSFET supports fast switching


The PMN40ENE from NXP Semiconductors is a 30V N-channel trench MOSFET in a small SOT457 surface-mount package.

Suitable for logic-level applications, the MOSFET features an on-resistance of 30mΩ when the gate is driven at 10V and the drain current is 4.5A. The device can source a maximum drain current of 5.7A for an interval of less than 5s, when operating at an ambient temperature of 25°C.

An attractive feature of the PMN40ENE is its ability to switch at high speed. Typical rise time is specified at 14.7ns, and fall time at 3ns. The MOSFET’s SOT457 package measures 2.9mm x 1.5mm x 1mm.


  • 1.24W power-dissipation capability
  • >1kV ESD protection on the human body
  • 24K/W thermal resistance from junction to
    solder point


  • LED drivers
  • Power management
  • Low-side load switches
  • Switching circuits