ON Semiconductor – Full HD digital image sensor excels in dimly lit conditions



The device is notable for the clear, sharp digital pictures which it captures. It contains 2.1 million 3.0μm pixels, and benefits from ON Semiconductor’s DR-PixTM technology with dual conversion gain, which helps to improve performance in dimly lit areas.

Designers of car camera systems can also take advantage of its ability to capture both continuous video and single frames.

The AR0238 captures images in either linear or high dynamic-range modes, with a rolling- shutter read-out. It includes sophisticated camera functions such as in-pixel binning and windowing. The AR0238 is intended for use in dim and low-light conditions, and in scenes which require high dynamic range.

The sensor is programmable through a simple two-wire serial interface.


  • Supports line-interleaved T1/T2 read-out
  • Full HD support at 60 frames/s
  • HiSpi or parallel interface


  • In-car digital video recorders
  • Wireless cameras
  • Webcams

The AR0238CSSC12SHRAD3-GEVK is an evaluation kit for the 2.1Mpixel AR0238 image sensor.

Orderable Part Number: AR0238CSSC12SHRAD3-GEVK