Panasonic – Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module offers fast time to market



The PAN9055 from Panasonic is a 2.4GHz wireless radio module which provides a ready-made way to implement wireless networking and dual-mode Bluetooth® functionality into an electronic device.

The module combines 802.11 Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth wireless radios, a baseband processor and other supporting features and peripherals.

Its built-in antenna features MIMO 2×2 technology which allows simultaneous data transmission over multiple streams using the same frequency. This gives longer range and higher throughput than single-output antenna types.

By using a fully certified module, OEMs can dramatically reduce the time and effort they spend on layout, calibration and testing in design and production.

• Surface-mount package: 26mm x 13.5mm x 2.4mm
• Supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi standards
• USB2.0, SDIO 3.0 and HS-UART interfaces