STMicroelectronics – 32-bit automotive MCUs combine high processor throughput with low power consumption


The SPC564Bxx and SPC56ECxx from STMicroelectronics are families of microcontrollers built on the Power Architecture processor core, and aimed at automotive body and gateway applications.

ST also supplies the SPC570Sx Power Architecture MCUs for automotive chassis and safety applications.

The SPC564Bxx and SPC56ECxx expand the range of the SPC560B MCU family, so that it now provides the scalability needed to implement design platforms for multiple end-products, while providing the performance required by increasingly sophisticated software architectures.

The advanced e200z4d and e200z0h host processor cores of the SPC564Bxx and SPC56ECxx automotive controller families form part of the Power Architecture embedded category, which is completely user-mode compatible with the original Power Architecture user instruction-set architecture. They operate at clock speeds of up to 120MHz and offer high processing performance while supporting applications’ requirement for low power consumption. The e200z4d executes instructions at up to 200 MIPS, and the 80MHz e200z0h at up to 75 MIPS. The cores also capitalise on the available development infrastructure supporting current Power Architecture devices, and are backed by software drivers, operating systems and configuration code to assist users’ design projects.


  • On-chip memory with ECC:
    • Up to 3Mbytes Flash programme memory
    • Up to 256kbytes SRAM
    • 64kbytes Flash data memory
  • 10-bit and 12-bit ADCs
  • Up to six FlexCAN interfaces
  • One FlexRay interface
  • Fast Ethernet controller
  • Cryptographic services engine
  • Secured device boot mode
  • Operating-temperature range:
    -40°C to 125°C


  • Automotive systems