STMicroelectronics – Automotive 8-bit MCU features extensive on-chip memory provision


The STM8AF series of automotive 8-bit microcontrollers offers a large Flash memory provision and an integrated true data EEPROM, enabling system OEMs to avoid the costs associated with specifying external non-volatile memory parts.

The STM8AF526x/8x/Ax and STM8AF6269/8x/Ax MCUs offer between 32kbytes and 128kbytes of Flash memory which is rated for 20 years’ data retention at an operating temperature of 55°C. The EEPROM provision is up to 2kbytes, and is rated for 300,000 programme/erase cycles.

All the STM8AF series devices offer a high level of system integration, featuring on-chip internal clock oscillators, a watchdog and brown-out reset. The STM8AF52 series also features a Controller Area Network (CAN) interface.

The MCU’s processor core, which is clocked at up to 24MHz, offers throughput of 20MIPS, and its performance is backed by
special features including robust I/O, independent watchdogs with their own clock source, and a clock-security system.

A common family architecture with compatible pinouts, memory map and modular peripherals means that applications and intellectual property can easily be ported from one design to another.

All STM8A MCUs are supported by the same tools including the STVD/STVP development environment, the STice emulator and a low- cost, third-party in-circuit debugging tool.


  • AEC-Q10x qualified
  • Nested interrupt controller with 32 vectors
  • Up to 37 external interrupts on 5 vectors
  • 1Mbit/s CAN 2.0B interface
  • USART with clock output
  • LIN 2.2-compliant LINUART
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • I2C interface
  • 10-bit ADC
  • 150°C maximum operating temperature


  • Automotive systems

The STM8A-DISCOVERY helps designers to discover the STM8AF and STM8AL automotive microcontrollers family features and develop your applications through two dedicated application boards that can be connected together via a LIN network.

Orderable Part Number: STM8A-DISCOVERY