STMicroelectronics – High-side driver for 12V automotive loads provides analogue monitoring feedback


The VN7016AJ from STMicroelectronics is a single-channel, high-side driver which may be used to drive 12V automotive grounded loads controlled through a 3V and 5V CMOS-compatible interface.

Manufactured using ST’s proprietary VIPower® M0-7 technology, the VN7016AJ features ST’s MultiSense analogue feedback technology, which is used to provide various protection and diagnostics capabilities.

Protective functions include load-current limitation, active management of overloads by means of power limitation, and over- temperature shut-down with a configurable latch-off.

The MultiSense capability is implemented via a multi-function multiplexed Analogue-output pin which provides diagnostic functions including high-precision proportional load- current sensing, a supply-voltage feedback, and on-chip temperature sensing.

The device also detects short-circuits to ground and the power supply, and open loads in the Off state.

The driver allows an external sense resistor to be shared with other similar devices.


  • Very low stand-by current
  • Under-voltage shut-down
  • Self-limiting of fast thermal transients
  • On-board ESD protection


  • Automotive headlamps
  • Resistive, inductive or capacitive loads in vehicles

Orderable Part Number: EV-VN7016AJ