TE Connectivity – Hermaphroditic blade and receptacle connectors suitable for harsh environments


TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced a series of hermaphroditic blade and receptacle connectors which have selective gold plating. The contacts are made of gold over nickel at the separable interface, and tin over nickel for the remainder of their surface.

The gold-plated contacts make these connectors suitable for harsh environments subject to moisture or high levels of vibration, in which they eliminate the risk of fretting corrosion.

The wire-to-board connector parts mate to surface-mount hermaphroditic blade and receptacle board-to-board connectors. In a typical application, the connector provides power to the first and adjacent LED PCB in a string of rigid PCB light strips. It supports both vertical and horizontal connections.

The hermaphroditic design provides for reduced inventory requirements, giving lighting equipment OEMs a single connector which mates to itself. The connector also speeds assembly since it is compatible with surface-mount and reflow production equipment.

For designers, specifying the TE hermaphroditic connectors saves time because they can use the same connector for power, data or signal connections with either two, four or six positions.


  • 6A maximum current
  • 125V maximum voltage
  • 1,500V AC dielectric withstanding voltage
  • 10 mating cycles
  • Operating-temperature range:
    -40°C to 105°C


  • LED lighting modules
  • LED lighting strips
  • Channel lettering
  • Commercial refrigeration