Vishay – Capacitors suited to high-temperature zones in the car


The TH3 and TH4 from Vishay are families of TANTAMOUNTTM solid tantalum surface-mount capacitors intended for use in demanding high-temperature automotive applications.

The TH3 is specified for operation at a maximum temperature of 150°C with a 50% voltage de-rating. The TH4’s de-rated maximum temperature is 175°C. The TH3 is available in the standard EIA 535BAAC case sizes A to E, and the TH4 in case sizes B, C and D.

The TH3 is available with voltage ratings ranging from 6.3V to 50V DC, and with a capacitance of 0.33μF up to 220μF. The TH4 devices are available in versions with a capacitance of 10μF, 22μF and 47μF, and for a 6.3V, 10V or 16V maximum voltage. The capacitance tolerance options provided by Vishay are ±10% and ±20%.

Vishay also supplies the TP3 solid tantalum capacitor, which has a maximum operating temperature rating of 125°C. It features low equivalent series resistance and a high ripple-current carrying capability.


  • 100% surge-current tested
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


  • Automotive
  • Safety-critical industrial tools and products
  • Harsh and high-temperature applications
  • Oil exploration and drilling systems
  • Engines
  • Control and sensing systems
  • Electronic sensors