Vishay – Efficient IGBT modules feature standard SOT-227 footprint


Vishay Intertechnology supplies a broad range of IGBT modules housed in a standard SOT-227 package which has low thermal resistance. The modules are capable of operating at relatively high case temperatures while maintaining the operating junction temperature within safe limits.

The IGBTs in the Vishay modules are based on either punch-through, non-punch-through or trench technology, and support switching frequencies ranging from 1kHz to 150kHz.

The Vishay IGBT modules are easy to design in a parallel configuration to meet higher power requirements. They also feature very low internal inductance.


  • High isolation voltage
  • Electrically-isolated base plate
  • Anti-parallel ultra-fast diode with soft
    recovery characteristics


  • Welding equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Solar inverters
  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • Power factor correction
  • Induction heating
Part NumberCircuit ConfigurationMaximum Collector-emitter VoltageCollector Current
VS-GB90DA120USingle switch with diode1,200V90A at 90°C
VS-GB90SA120USingle switch no diode600V90A at 90°C
VS-GB90DA60USingle switch with diode600V90A at 90°C
VS-GT120DA65USingle switch with diode650V120A at 90°C
VS-GT140DA60USingle switch with diode600V140A at 90°C
VS-GT175DA120USingle switch with diode1,200V175A at 90°C
VS-GA200SA60UPSingle switch no diode600V100A at 100°C
VS-GP250SA60SSingle switch no diode600V239A at 90°C
VS-GB55LA120UXLow-side chopper1,200V57A at 80°C
VS-GB55NA120UXHigh-side chopper1,200V57A at 80°C
VS-GB75LA60UFLow-side chopper600V76A at 80°C
VS-GB75NA60UFHigh-side chopper600V76A at 80°C
VS-GT105LA120UXLow-side chopper1,200V92A at 80°C
VS-GT105NA120UXHigh-side chopper1,200V92A at 80°C