Dialight – Vertical light pipes transfer light efficiently from board to panel


Dialight has introduced its Optopipe® product range, a family of 3mm-diameter vertical light pipes which provide a means of directing light from a PCB to a parallel panel which needs an indication light or lights. Various options help the user to tailor the part to the requirements of the application.

The UL94-V0 compliant Optopipe light pipes are made from water-clear polycarbonate with an oxygen index of 35%, and are secured to the PCB using a custom snap-fit base or front-panel press-fit, which are easy to install. The snap-fit base retains the Optopipe and shrouds the LEDs.

Optopipe light pipes efficiently transfer light: light is produced through photonic emission, not as a by-product of a radiating heat source. They are suitable for use with low-voltage, low-current LEDs which emit a single colour or multiple colours, such as the Dialight surface-mount PLCC-2 or PLCC-4 LEDs, and other LEDs in surface-mount packages.

The Optopipe products are available in various lengths and for various types of LEDs, enabling the user to achieve good coupling between the Optopipe and the LED. Custom Optopipe lengths are also available on request.


  • Range of standard pipe lengths: 0.250” to 1.250”
  • Flat, domed and convex lens styles
  • Available in variants with a clear lens or diffused textured lens
  • Suitable for the use with chip LEDs, PLCC or reverse-gullwing LEDs


  • Building-automation equipment
  • Industrial systems
  • Control panels