Microsemi – New FPGA development board provides low-cost platform for rapid prototyping


microsemi       futureelec
Future Electronics has released a new low-cost Microsemi Creative Board which enables evaluation of a low-power FPGA for safety-critical applications.

The board is a flexible system-development platform for users of Microsemi’s IGLOO2 or SmartFusion2 FPGAs, and features connectors for ArduinoTM, MikroBUSTM and PMODTM extension boards.

It enables designers to rapidly implement a complete prototype system around a Microsemi FPGA and develop a proof of concept.

The board is offered in two versions: FUTUREM2GL-EVB, which features an IGLOO2 FPGA, and FUTUREM2SF-EVB, which features a SmartFusion2 FPGA system- on-chip. The board also features Microsemi’s LX7167, a 2.4A step-down voltage regulator.


  • Alliance Memory 32Mbit DDR2 synchronous DRAM
  • Microchip 64Mbit serial Flash memory
  • Microchip delta-sigma ADCs
  • FTDI USB-JTAG adaptor
  • User buttons
  • User LED


  • High-reliability and safety-critical systems
  • Systems requiring protection from cloning and over-building


Orderable Part Numbers: FUTUREM2GL-EVB and FUTUREM2SF-EVB