Murata – PoL DC-DC converters offer very high power density

Murata has introduced new Mono Block type 20A and 6A DC-DC converters which offer extremely high power density. Intended for use at the point of load, the 6A-rated converters are housed in a package measuring 9.0mm x 7.5mm x 5.0mm, and the 20A converters are in a 10.5mm x 9.0mm x 5.6mm case.

The MYMGK1R806FRSR and MYMGK1R820FRSR operate from an input voltage of 4.5V-5.5V and supply a 0.7V-1.8V output. The MYMGK00506ERSR and MYMGK1R820ERSR operate from an 8-14V input and supply a 0.7V-5.0V and 0.7-1.8V output respectively.