NXP – Security MCU guarantees authentication of host product


The A7001 from NXP Semiconductors is a tamper-resistant microcontroller based on a dedicated, security-hardened MX51 processor core. It may be used by OEMs for the authentication of security-sensitive end products, including intruder-alarm and access-control systems.

NXP supplies each A7001 production unit with pre-programmed, die-specific keys and certificates which are generated and programmed in a secure NXP environment. This secure environment is certified according to Common Criteria. The master keys are stored in secure hardware modules.

NXP can also programme the A7001 with customer-specific initialisation data, such as card manager keys, symmetric DES or AES keys, random data, X509 certificates, RSA signing keys or application code.

• Java Card Open Platform (JCOP) operating system
• Secured Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) co-processor
• Secured two-key/three-key triple-DES co-processor
• Secured AES co- processor with 128-, 192- and 256-bit keys