Panasonic – Metal composite power choke coils suitable for automotive applications


Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems Europe has introduced a series of surface-mount power choke coils, or inductors, based on a metal composite core material.

The LP series products offer reliable operation in the demanding conditions common in automotive applications, and are intended for use in noise filters, and in DC-DC boost converters and buck converters. They are rated for use over an operating-temperature range from -40°C to 155°C, including the effect of self-heating.

Made from ferrous alloy magnetic material, the LP series coils offer excellent stability of inductance over a broad temperature range. Efficiency is another advantage of the LP series thanks to the low electrical resistance in the winding and the low eddy-current losses in the core.

The LP series coils are supplied in a low-profile package with a maximum height of either 3mm or 4mm.



  • Automotive cameras
  • Automotive radar systems
  • Dashboard instrumental panels
  • Laser scanners