Panasonic – PIR sensors draw very little current


The EKMB series of Pyroelectric Infrared (PIR) motion sensors from Panasonic Electric Works are well suited to use in battery- powered products because of the very low current they draw.

The EKMB sensors are available in three variants which draw 1μA, 2μA or 6μA in stand-by mode. The 6μA device includes a special differential-input circuit which provides high immunity to noise at high frequencies of more than 1GHz.

The EKMB series is also highly sensitive thanks to the novel design of its sensing elements, which inhibits thermal cross- talk between them.

• Supplied lensless or with standard, long-distance or wall-installation lens, and as standard- or small-movement detection types
• Digital LVTTL output
• White, black or pearl white lens options