Recom – DC-DC converters certified for railway applications supplying loads of up to 240W


RECOM has expanded its portfolio of DC-DC converter modules for the railway industry to include new EN50155-certified products rated for outputs of 20W, 30W, 40W and 60W. RECOM boasts a broad portfolio of power modules for railway applications with maximum loads ranging from 8W to 240W.

Under the RPA series, RECOM has launched the RPA20-AW, RPA30-AW and RPA60-FW rated for 20W, 30W and 60W maximum. The 20W and 30W modules are housed in a 1” x 1” case. The RPA60-FW is housed in a 2” x 1” case, giving a high power density of 4.5W/cm3.

RECOM has also introduced the 20W and 40W RP20-FR and RP40-FR, which are offered in a larger 2” x 1” case, a configuration which provides greater flexibility to the user in managing the thermal characteristics of the system design.

Featuring a 4:1 input-voltage range, the RP and RPA series modules are EN50155-certified for use in railway applications. They are intended for use in harsh environments such as rolling stock, where they are subject to severe vibration and extreme temperatures.

The modules are available with a choice of output voltages: 3.3V, 5V, 12V and 15V single outputs, and dual ±12V and ±15V outputs. The Control pin logic can be chosen to be positive or negative.

Offering efficiencies of up to 93%, the converters may normally be cooled by natural convection alone. If required, the modules may also be supplied with a pre-mounted heat-sink.


  • Superior power density
  • Ultra-high efficiency
  • Three-year warranty
  • UL/cUL60950 certified
  • Over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection


  • Railway rolling stock
  • Railway infrastructure equipment
  • Industrial products
  • Telecom equipment