Semtech – New 15W infrastructure wireless charging system is Qi- and PMA-compliant


Semtech has launched an Infrastructure Wireless Charging System called the LinkCharge which is ready out-of-the-box for use in public enterprise and consumer settings.

The 91mm x 82mm LinkCharge supports most standards-compliant receivers, including Qi and PMA, as well as fast-charging phones operating at 9W and applications based on a proprietary charging protocol.


The system uses a custom controller for managing multiple communications protocols, and automatically adjusts the charging power based on feedback from the receiver.


  • Mounts under a counter or in most non- metallic furniture surfaces
  • Operates from a 19V, 2A DC input
  • Certified for compliance with relevant regulations
  • Option to daisy-chain on a single power supply for multi-site charging
  • LED indicators for power on, charging and error conditions


  • Wireless chargers for:
    - Commercial and residential furnishings
    - Restaurants/hospitality
    - Transportation stations and lounges
    - Industrial environments
    - Education facilities