STMicroelectronics – ESD diode offers 15kV of protection to high- speed data lines


The USBLC6-4SC6 from STMicroelectronics is an ESD barrier diode which protects up to four high-speed interfaces, such as USB2.0 ports, Ethernet links or video lines.

Its very low line capacitance of 3pF ensures high signal integrity without compromising the protection offered to sensitive devices from high-voltage ESD strikes. The device complies with the IEC61000-4-2 level 4 standard, offering 15kV of protection against air discharges and 8kV of protection against contact discharges.

The USBLC6-4SC6 protects the power-supply bus, allowing ESD current to flow to ground when an ESD event occurs on a data line. Its low leakage current allows for longer run-time between charges in battery-powered devices.

Housed in a six-lead SOT23 package, the USBLC6-4SC6 has a small board footprint of just 9mm2.


  • 130W peak pulse power
  • Consistent D+/D- signal balance
  • 0.015pF I/O-to-ground capacitance-matching tolerance
  • Fast response time


  • Hi-Speed USB2.0 ports operating at up to 480Mbits/s
  • USB1.1 Low-Speed and Full-Speed ports
  • 10/100Mbits/s Ethernet ports
  • SIM card protection
  • Video line protection
  • Portable electronics devices