STMicroelectronics – MCU kit provides ready-made platform for development of USB Type-C applications


The P-NUCLEO-USB001 is the latest STM32 Nucleo development tool from STMicroelectronics, offering an easy-to-use platform for the design of systems which take advantage of USB Type-CTM and USB Power Delivery technologies.

The tool is backed by ST’s X-CUBE-USB-PD certified embedded software solution. It provides a means to control two USB Type-C ports with a single STM32F072, a 32-bit microcontroller based on the ARM® Cortex®- M0 processor core. The X-CUBE-USB-PD software complies with the USB Type-C 1.2 and USB Power Delivery 2.0 specifications.

The P-NUCLEO-USB001 consists of a control block, the NUCLEO-F072RB MCU board on which the USB stack runs, and a USB Type-C interface, implemented in an MB1257 expansion board. A full-featured USB Type-C cable is also provided in the kit. The expansion board provides an interface between the STM32F072 MCU and the Configuration Channel (CC) lines of the Type-C receptacles, and supports communication over these lines using the Power Delivery communication protocol.

The P-NUCLEO-USB001 is fully configurable, and ready to support operating modes including Provider, Consumer and Dual-Role Port (DRP).


  • Two DRP USB Type-C receptacles
  • USB2.0 Full-Speed data-communication interface operating as a peripheral
  • Load and discharge switches on the power-supply bus
  • Voltage and current sensors
  • EMI filters


  • Consumer electronics devices
  • Portable devices
  • Battery chargers


Orderable Part Number: P-NUCLEO-USB001