STMicroelectronics – Wi-Fi module includes option for integrated TCP/IP stack


The SPWF01S intelligent Wi-Fi® module from STMicroelectronics is a stand-alone IEEE802.11b/g/n solution which enables designers to quickly integrate wireless Internet connectivity into existing or new products for the Internet of Things.

The module consists of a single-chip 802.11 transceiver with an integrated power amplifier, and an STM32 microcontroller with an extensive general-purpose I/O suite.

The module is available as the SPWF01SA.x1 with an embedded 2.45GHz ISM band antenna, or as the SPWF01SC.x1 with a u.fl connector for an external antenna. The SPWF01Sx.x1 modules are supplied with an integrated, full-featured TCP/IP protocol stack with added web server and additional application-service capabilities.

• WEP/WPA/ WPA2 authentication
• 18.3dBm Transmit power
• -96dBm Receive sensitivity
• FCC/CE/IC certified