Vishay – High-voltage thin-film flat chip resistors enable accurate voltage measurement


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a series of thin-film flat chip resistors which combine the attributes required to make accurate voltage measurements with the ability to handle high voltages of up to 1,000V.

The TNPV e3 series’ resistance values are extremely stable over voltage and temperature, and the devices may be specified with a resistance tolerance as low as ±0.1%.

Previous thin-film chip resistors in comparable case sizes could only handle voltages as high as 200V.

The 1,000V rating of the Vishay TNPV e3 devices enables users to reduce component count, save board space and lower costs in precision high-voltage circuits by replacing larger single resistors or arrays of resistors in similar case sizes.

The TNPV e3 parts may also replace high- voltage thick-film resistors, providing better system performance because of the thin-film resistor’s superior voltage coefficient and excellent stability and accuracy at high voltages.

Load-life stability is ≤±0.05% for 1,000 hours at rated power and 70°C. The resistors also cope well with moisture, tolerating operation at 85°C and 85% relative humidity for 1,000 hours. They also operate in the presence of sulphur in accordance with the ASTM B 809 standard.


  • Maximum film temperature: 155°C
  • <1ppm/V voltage coefficient of resistance
  • Resistance tolerance options: ±1%, ±0.5% or ±0.1%


  • Inverters
  • Battery-management systems in hybrid and fully electric vehicles
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Test and measurement equipment
SeriesKey FeaturesMaximum CapacitanceMaximum Reverse VoltageMaximum TemperatureSpecific Reliability
TCNHighest capacitance, under-tab termination1,500μF35V85°C/105°C1%/1,000h
TCMMulti-anode, very low ESR1,000μF100V105°C1%/1,000h
TCQAutomotive range, AEC-Q200220μF35V125°C1%/1,000h
TCBHigh-reliability polymer68μF16V105°C0.5%/1,000h
TCSHigh-reliability multi-anode polymer1,000μF6.3V125°C0.5%/1,000h
TCHHermetically sealed, long endurance330μF100V125°C1%/1,000h
F38Smallest case size with under-tab termination100μF10V105°C1%/1,000h