CUI INC – 1W micro-speaker has 15mm x 11mm footprint


CUI Inc supplies the CDS-15118B-L100, a micro-speaker with a maximum power rating of 1.0W which is ideal for use in portable and space-constrained devices that need to emit indicator sounds and audible responses to user inputs.

The speaker, which has a tiny 15mm x 11mm footprint and is just 3mm high, includes a mylar cone and a neodymium magnet. It is capable of producing a typical audio output of 86dB from a 0.5W input at a distance of 0.1m when reproducing sounds in the frequency range 0.8 to 1.5kHz. For ease of assembly, the CDS-15118B-L100 has 100mm wire leads.

• Weight: 1.7g
• 8Ω impedance
• 500Hz resonant frequency