NXP – Security MCUs provide encryption and anti-tamper functions


The Kinetis KL81 and KL82 microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors offer a wide range of advanced security capabilities including support for public key cryptography and AES encryption acceleration in hardware with protection against side-band attacks.

Tamper detection is also provided: the KL81 includes secure space for key storage with asynchronous erasure when external tamper events occur. This combination of encryption and anti-tamper capabilities enables manufacturers of payment terminals to protect both their products and users’ valuable financial information.

The Kinetis KL series is supported by a comprehensive set of development tools, software and enablement features.

• Full-speed USB2.0 On-The-Go
• 128kbytes of Flash memory
• 96kbytes of SRAM
• Quad SPI Flash memory interface
Orderable Part Number: FRDM-KL82Z