Panasonic – Thermal interface material improves heat dissipation between IGBT module and heat-sink


Soft-PGS is a new thermal interface material from Panasonic which may be readily compressed between the surfaces of an IGBT power module and its heat sink. When compressed, Soft-PGS has very low thermal resistance, and thus helps to extend the life and improve the performance of power modules by providing for high thermal stability and an increased rate of heat dissipation.

Soft-PGS is a graphite material which is supplied in sheets cut to fit the footprint of an IGBT module. Panasonic offers a wide range of standard sheet sizes: Soft-PGS is available in 56 part numbers to fit power modules from many manufacturers.

It is easy to install: the sheet is simply laid on the surface of the heat sink with its pre-cut holes aligned with the screw terminals of the power module.

This results in much lower labour and installation costs than an assembly that uses either thermal grease or phase-change material.


  • Thermal conductivity:
    X-Y direction 400W/mK
    Z direction 30W/mK
  • 200μm thick
  • 40% compressible at pressure of 600kPa
  • Thermal stability guaranteed up to 400°C


  • Industrial power supplies
  • Solar inverters
  • Automotive LEDs
  • Medical equipment
  • Base-stations
  • Servers