STMicroelectronics – Integrated NFC reader IC includes analogue front-end


STMicroelectronics’ ST95HF is an integrated transceiver IC for contactless and Near Field Communication (NFC) applications.

The security of NFC communication is assured by its short range, typically up to 10cm, which means that only a device in close proximity to the ST95HF can receive its transmissions.

The ST95HF supports ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and B communication, as well as the ISO/ IEC 15693 (single or double sub-carrier) and the ISO/IEC 18092 industry-standard NFC communication protocols, in both Reader and Card Emulation modes.

The ST95HF includes an analogue front-end to provide the 13.56MHz air interface used by NFC devices. The transceiver also enables the detection, reading and writing of NFC Forum Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 tags. This means that it can be used in wireless access points and gateways to enable secure commissioning with a simple tap of devices with an embedded tag, such as smart light bulbs and smart heating controls. It also supports proximity-based secure pairing with Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® devices.

The ST95HF is housed in a 32-lead 5mm x 5mm flat package.


  • Dedicated internal frame controller
  • Tag Detection mode
  • Field Detection mode
  • Compatible with MIFARE® Classic protocol


  • Consumer electronics devices
  • Gaming equipment
  • Healthcare and medical electronics
  • Industrial equipment

Because the ST95HF can operate in both Emulation and Reader modes, it is possible to use two ST95HF evaluation boards face-to-face. The EVAL-ST95HF
board features an LCD screen and an STM32F103RGT6 microcontroller with which the ST95HF communicates via its serial peripheral interface.

Orderable Part Number: EVAL-ST95HF