Vishay – Solid tantalum chip capacitors help designers to save space in handheld devices

Vishay Intertechnology’s T58 series of vPolyTanTM solid tantalum surface-mount chip capacitors offers increased volumetric efficiency, helping designers of handheld consumer electronics devices and other space-constrained applications to meet user demand for smaller and thinner end-products.

Vishay’s T58 series capacitors, which benefit from Vishay’s high-efficiency MicroTanTM packaging, achieve industry-best capacitance-voltage ratings. These ratings include 47μF-6.3V for devices in the compact M0 case and 220μF-10V and 330μF-6.3V for the BB case.

Benefitting from patented Multi- Array Packaging (MAP) assembly technology, the T58 series capacitors occupy 25% less space than competing devices with similar capacitance values, helping OEMs to design smaller and thinner end-products. These capacitors are intended for decoupling, smoothing, filtering and energy-storage applications.

They feature capacitance values ranging from 10μF to 330μF with capacitance tolerance of ±20%. Voltage ratings range between 4V and 25V.

The capacitors operate over a temperature range of -55°C to 105°C, with voltage de-rating above 85°C.

The T58 capacitors are available in various case sizes:
• MM – EIA size 1608-09
• M0 – EIA size 1608-10
• W9 – EIA size 2012-09
• A0 – EIA size 3216-18
• AA – EIA size 3216-18
• B0 – EIA size 3528-10
• BB – EIA size 3528-20


  • Low equivalent series resistance
  • Low impedance
  • Ripple current range at 100kHz:
    0.224A to 1.30A


  • Wireless cards
  • Network equipment
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Audio pre-amplifiers