Vishay – Space-saving 60A power stage improves accuracy of current monitoring


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced two new 60A, VRPower® smart power stages which include integrated current and temperature monitoring for use in multi-phase DC-DC converters.

The new SiC645 and SiC645A may be used in the power systems supplying processors and memory devices in high-performance telecoms equipment and datacentre servers, which require real-time monitoring of power consumption. Current monitoring allows for better utilisation of a processor’s turbo capability, a critical advantage for datacentres which want to improve performance without increasing costs.

The SiC645 and SiC645A include power MOSFETs, a driver IC and a bootstrap FET in a 5mm x 5mm PowerPAK® MLP55-32L package. By using a Vishay power stage, designers can implement a simpler power circuit and achieve higher accuracy than when using standard DrMOS products. The SiC645 and SiC645A also provide a 16% reduction in footprint compared to similar competing devices.

These new Vishay power stages enable developers to eliminate the traces required to perform external current sensing, while delivering fast performance without noise or external filtering. The SiC645 and SiC645A are accurate over a wide load range. Indeed, they satisfy the strict accuracy requirements of Intel’s VR13 and VR13.x specifications for monitoring processor current. The current monitors are internally temperature- compensated, removing the need for external compensation circuitry.

The low parasitic resistance and inductance of the MLP55-32L package enable the power stages to switch at high frequencies of up to 2MHz.


  • PowerPAK package can be cooled on both sides
  • Good light-load efficiency
  • Short-circuit and over-current protection at high-side FET
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Under-voltage lock-out
  • Open-drain fault reporting
  • Compatible with Intersil’s ISL68xx/69xx and ISL958xx digital multi-phase controllers


  • Multi-phase point-of-load DC-DC converters
  • Servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Graphics cards
  • Games consoles