Nexperia – 20V N-channel trench MOSFET supports very fast switching


The PMV28UNEA from Nexperia, the discrete power components business recently spun-off from NXP Semiconductors, is an N-channel trench MOSFET in a small SOT23 (TO- 236AB) surface-mount plastic package measuring 3.0mm x 1.4mm.

AEC-Q101 qualified, the PMV28UNEA is intended for use in automotive applications. It is rated for operation at junction and ambient temperatures ranging from -55°C to 150°C, and can handle a drain current of up to 4.7A at an ambient temperature of 25°C. On-state resistance under these conditions is 24mΩ, and total gate charge is 6.2nC.

It is capable of supporting very fast switching operations. Turn-on delay time is rated at 8ns, and rise time at 35ns. The turn-off delay time is 39ns and the fall time is 14ns.

The PMV28UNEA features a gate-source threshold voltage of 0.7V, and maximum drain leakage current of 1μA. The device’s breakdown voltage is rated at a minimum of 20V.


  • >2kV ESD protection according to the human body model
  • 21K/W thermal resistance from junction to solder point
  • 7Ω gate resistance at a switching frequency of 1MHz


  • Relay driver
  • High-speed line driver
  • Low-side load switch
  • Switching circuits