Nexperia – 30V N-channel logic-level MOSFET for automotive systems


The BUK9M5R2-30E from Nexperia, the discrete power components business which was recently spun-off from NXP Semiconductors, is an N-channel logic- level MOSFET housed in a compact LFPAK33 (Power33) package.

Qualified to the AEC-Q101 standard, it is intended for use in high-performance automotive applications. Featuring a maximum junction temperature of 175°C, it is able to withstand the most thermally demanding environments, including automotive lamps and motors.

The BUK9M5R2-30E is rated for a maximum drain- source voltage of 30V, and a maximum drain current of 70A. Low on-state resistance of 4.3mΩ at a gate-source voltage of 5V and a drain current of 25A ensures that conduction losses are kept to a minimum.


  • Withstands repetitive avalanche events
  • 9.7nC gate-drain charge
  • 1.58K/W thermal resistance from junction to mounting base
  • 1.7V gate-source threshold voltage
  • 21.8ns reverse-recovery time


  • 12V automotive systems
  • Motors
  • Lamps
  • Solenoid control
  • Transmission control
  • Power switching