Nexperia – 40V N-channel logic-level MOSFET has low leakage current


The PSMN1R0-40YLD from Nexperia, the discrete power components business recently spun-off from NXP Semiconductors, is a 40V logic-level MOSFET which is notable for its soft switching and low leakage current.

An N-channel gate-drive MOSFET in an LFPAK56 package, the PSMN1R0- 40YLD benefits from Nexperia’s NextPower-S3 technology, which provides for very fast switching with soft recovery. It features a Schottky-Plus body diode, a device which provides the soft-switching characteristics of a conventional Schottky diode without the high leakage current that Schottky diodes draw.

Compared to a logic-level MOSFET built without NextPower-S3 technology, the PSMN1R0-40YLD causes lower power losses and helps power-system designers to achieve higher overall efficiency. This advantage is reinforced by the device’s low reverse-recovery charge and gate charge, factors which also help users to produce designs marked by low levels of EMI.


  • Optimised for 4.5V gate-drive applications
  • 150°C maximum junction temperature
  • Exposed leads can be wave soldered
  • Low parasitic inductance and resistance


  • Synchronous rectification
  • DC-DC converters
  • High-performance server power supplies
  • Motor-control systems
  • Power ORing