ON Semiconductor – High-voltage superjunction MOSFET offers low 19.5mΩ on-resistance


The FCH023N65S3L4 from ON Semiconductor is a SuperFET® III 650V MOSFET which uses advanced superjunction technology to achieve extremely low on-resistance and low gate charge.

The effect of the ON Semiconductor SuperFET III technology is to minimise conduction losses and provide superior switching performance. It also means that the device can withstand extreme transient voltage events up to 100V/ns.

On-resistance in the FCH023N65S3L4 is rated at just 19.5mΩ. At the same time, typical gate charge for the device is a low 222nC at a gate-source voltage of 10V. The maximum gate threshold voltage is 4.5V.

The FCH023N65S3L4 can handle a continuous drain current of 75A at a case temperature of 25°C. At a case temperature of 100°C, this drain current value falls to 65.8A.


  • 1.98nF effective output capacitance
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • 2.025J maximum single pulsed avalanche energy
  • Operating-temperature range:
    -55°C to 150°C
  • 0.21°C/W junction-to-case thermal resistance


  • Telecoms equipment
  • Server power supplies
  • Industrial power supplies
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Solar energy-generation equipment