ON Semiconductor – IGBT gate driver integrates multiple protection features


The NCD5700 is a high-current, stand- alone IGBT gate driver for high-power applications which helps designers to realise a cost-effective system by eliminating the need for many external components.

It integrates multiple protection features including an accurate under-voltage lock-out function, an Enable input and an Active Low fault output. The NCD5700’s active Miller clamp prevents spurious gate turn-on events. In addition, its desaturation protection includes a programmable delay.


The device features an accurate 5.0V output. Separate high and low driver outputs ease system design. A high current output of +4A/-6A at IGBT Miller Plateau voltages reduces switching losses and keeps switching times short.

The driver is designed to accommodate a wide range of bias voltages including unipolar and bipolar inputs.


  • Low output-voltage impedance
  • Short propagation delays
  • Direct interface to optocoupler for isolated drives
  • Tight under-voltage lock-out thresholds for bias flexibility


  • Solar inverters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Motor-control systems