ON Semiconductor – Power MOSFET features low on-resistance and gate charge


ON Semiconductor’s NTMFS5H600NL is a 60V N-channel power MOSFET which is capable of supplying a continuous drain current of 250A at a case temperature of 25°C.

The NTMFS5H600NL’s low on-resistance of 1.3mΩ helps to keep conduction losses to a minimum in the power-conversion applications for which it is intended, such as point-of-load modules, high- performance DC-DC converters and secondary synchronous rectification circuits.

In addition, low total gate charge of 40nC at a gate-source voltage of 4.5V and a drain current of 50A reduces losses in the MOSFET driver circuit.

The device is housed in a compact five-terminal dual flat no-lead package with a 5mm x 6mm SO-8 footprint.


  • 2.0V maximum gate threshold voltage
  • 6.68nF input capacitance
  • 1.23nF output capacitance
  • 30pF reverse transfer capacitance
  • 0.8°C/W junction-to-case thermal resistance


  • Network equipment
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Servers
  • AC power adapters
  • Handheld power tools