ROHM Semiconductor – SiC MOSFET offers size and efficiency benefits in auxiliary power supplies


ROHM Semiconductor has announced a new 1,700V Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET intended for industrial applications, including manufacturing equipment and high-voltage inverters.

The SCT2H12NZ combines a high breakdown voltage with low on-resistance of 1.15Ω, which is some eight times lower than that of a typical equivalent silicon MOSFET. This results in dramatically reduced conduction losses in high-power applications and greatly improved energy efficiency. In addition,
the device’s TO-3PFM package offers the creepage distance required in industrial equipment.

In many applications, the SiC MOSFET’s low losses and the consequent reduction in waste heat generated enable users to eliminate the heat-sink that would be required in a circuit based on the use of a silicon MOSFET.

ROHM is expecting particularly high demand for the SCT2H12NZ in auxiliary power-supply designs in industrial equipment such as motor drives and the inverters in photovoltaic (PV) energy generators. By combining the SCT2H12NZ with ROHM’s BD7682FJ-LB power controller, as featured on page 21, designers can realise an auxiliary supply unit which offers robust performance and which improves efficiency by up to 6% compared to systems based on silicon MOSFET power switches.


  • 14nC gate charge at a gate-source voltage of 18V
  • 2.6A maximum continuous drain current at a case temperature of 100°C
  • 35W maximum power dissipation at a case temperature of 25°C
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature
  • 2.8V gate threshold voltage


  • Factory automation equipment
  • Solar inverters
  • Industrial inverters
  • Manufacturing equipment

The AC-DC Converter Evaluation Board from ROHM features the BD7682FJ-LB controller and the SCT2H12NZ SiC power MOSFET in a power-converter design either operating from a mains input ranging from 210V to 690V AC or from the DC portion of the power supply. For DC- fed systems, the input range is 300V-900V DC. It provides a 12V output at up to 40W.

Orderable Part Number: BD7682FJ_EVK_30x_1609