STMicroelectronics – AC-DC converter IC helps users comply with tough light-load power regulations


The VIPer01 from STMicroelectronics is a high-voltage converter which includes a logic-level 800V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET and a PWM current-mode controller.

The logic-level power MOSFET technology enables the VIPer01 to operate from a supply of just 4.5V and enables the design of ultra-efficient power supplies with a 5V output. Moreover the 800V technology allows the device to handle a very high AC input voltage.

The VIPer01 is suitable for use in end-products which have to comply with the most stringent energy-saving standards, as it has very low power consumption and operates in pulse-frequency modulation mode when supplying light loads. Power consumption can be less than 10mW at 230V AC in a no-load condition, and less than 400mW at 230V AC when supplying a 250mW load.

The VIPer01 is ideal for power-supply applications requiring a 5V output and supplying a load of up to 4W over a wide input- voltage range of 85V-265V AC, and at ambient temperatures up to 60°C.

The VIPer01 supports the flyback, buck and buck-boost converter topologies. Integrating a high-voltage start-up circuit, a sense FET, error amplifier and oscillator, it enables the user to realise a compact power supply with a small number of external components.


  • Self-supply option eliminates need for auxiliary winding or bias components
  • Jittered switching frequency reduces EMI filter cost
  • Pulse-skip mode reduces start-up peak current
  • Over-voltage, short-circuit and thermal shut-down protection functions


  • Auxiliary power supplies for industrial and consumer equipment
  • Low-power adapters

The STEVAL-ISA177V1 evaluation board implements an AC-DC converter using a non-isolated flyback topology, producing a 0.85A output at 5V. The STEVAL-ISA178V1 board implements an AC-DC converter using a non- isolated buck topology, producing a 0.2A output at 5V.

Orderable Part Numbers: STEVAL-ISA177V1 and STEVAL-ISA178V1