TE Connectivity – Make first, break last connector offers superior grounding performance


TE Connectivity (TE) has added a product with Make First, Break Last (MFBL) functionality as part of its POWER TRIPLE LOCK line of connectors.

The new MFBL connector’s application- specific grounding design permits the ground connection to be established before power connections are made, and maintains the connection until the power connections are broken. This capability fulfils a key requirement of a variety of mid-range power connections in appliances and commercial building equipment.

Using TE’s proven POWER TRIPLE LOCK connector design, the MFBL connector can facilitate easier assembly and more secure connections than other pin-and-socket connector solutions.

The three-position, wire-to-panel or wire-to- wire MFBL connector is based on a 6.0mm centreline pitch. Like other POWER TRIPLE LOCK connectors, it is rated for 600V AC or DC, although the MFBL connector is limited to a 12A maximum current, as its contacts accept wire no larger than AWG 16.

Like TE’s other POWER TRIPLE LOCK connectors, the MFBL connectors offer polarisation and keying to help prevent connector mis-mating, an anti-snag design, and a locking mechanism to help secure connections when the cap and plug latch together. For additional reliability, an optional connector position assurance device helps to prevent the connector from being mistakenly disengaged.


  • Low insertion force
  • Optional terminal position assurance device
  • Tin-plated copper alloy contacts
  • Compliant with glow-wire test requirements
  • Operating-temperature range:
    -55°C to 105°C


  • Home appliances
  • Commercial building equipment