Vicor – New 48V DC-DC converter modules offer very high power density


Vicor has extended its family of DCMTM DC-DC converter modules in a VIA package, offering new options which have a 36-75V input-voltage range and a maximum output power of 320W.

Each module in the DCM family is a rugged, efficient DC-DC converter operating from an unregulated, wide input-voltage range, producing an isolated and regulated output with much higher power density than competing products.

The three new modules are housed in a 3414 VIA package which measures 3.38in x 1.40in x 0.37in. They offer power density of up to 183W/in3. The VIA package offers flexible thermal management options with very low top- and bottom-side thermal impedance values.

The highly integrated modules incorporate EMI filtering, transient protection, in-rush current limiting, and a secondary-referenced control interface for trim, enable and remote- sensing functions. Configurations are available to support either board mounting or chassis mounting.


  • 92.4% peak efficiency
  • High-frequency zero-voltage switching
  • Tight regulation over all line and load conditions
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Under-voltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Thermal protection


  • Industrial equipment
  • Process control
  • Automotive systems
  • Heavy equipment
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