Vishay – New technology lowers on-resistance to 1.35mΩ in low-voltage MOSFETs


Vishay’s TrenchFET® Gen IV series of low-voltage MOSFETs features advanced transistor technology which produces very attractive energy-saving characteristics for designers striving to increase the efficiency of power- conversion applications.

The TrenchFET Gen IV MOSFETs are particularly notable for their low on- resistance. In the SiRA00DP 30V N-channel MOSFET, for instance, on-resistance is rated at a maximum 1.35mΩ at a gate-source voltage of 4.5V, when sinking a current of 15A. When the gate-source voltage rises to 10V and the current to 20A, this on-resistance value falls even further, to 1.00mΩ.

The devices in the TrenchFET Gen IV series also offer very low gate charge values: in the SiRA00DP, total gate charge is just 66nC at a gate-source voltage of 4.5V and a drain current of 20A. In addition, the ratio of gate-source charge to gate-drain charge is as low as 0.3 in TrenchFET Gen IV MOSFETs. This low ratio can help to prevent shoot-through by lowering gate-induced voltages.

The PowerPAK® packages in which TrenchFET Gen IV devices are housed offers excellent thermal characteristics, and allows for the design of systems with high power density.


  • 100A maximum continuous drain current
  • 11.7nF input capacitance
  • 3.3nF output capacitance
  • 1.2°C/W maximum junction-to-case thermal resistance
  • Operating junction-temperature range:
    -55°C to 150°


  • Computer peripherals
  • Servers
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Games consoles
  • Inverters
  • DC-DC converter modules
  • ORing circuits
  • Point-of-load power supplies