AZ Displays – 7” displays offer high brightness for viewing outdoors


LCD display manufacturer, AZ Displays, has launched a range of high- brightness WVGA 7” TFT displays, offering resolution of 800px x 480px.

The new Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens are supplied with either an LVDS or RGB interface, and with optional tape-attached or optically-bonded resistive or projected capacitive touchscreens.

The displays, which feature brightness ratings of up to 1,000 nits, enable users to view the content on the screen even in direct sunlight.

The displays’ contrast ratio is rated at 500:1.

Operating over a temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, these 7” displays offer a viewing cone of ±70° in the horizontal plane and 70°/-50° in the vertical plane. The high brightness of the new displays makes them particularly well suited to use outdoors.

The new high-brightness range of LCD screens from AZ Displays complements its existing 7” displays, which have lower brightness ratings of 200 nits to 500 nits. Like the high-brightness versions, these 7” displays also offer WVGA resolution of 800px x 480px.


  • 154.08mm x 85.92mm active display area
  • LED backlighting
  • 75% minimum luminance uniformity
  • 30,000h LED lifetime


  • Industrial systems
  • Outdoor applications
Part NumberBrightnessInterfaceTouch Option
ATM0700D6J1,000 nitsRGBNone
ATM0700L6J1,000 nitsLVDSNone
ATM0700D6J-T800 nitsRGBResistive touch
ATM0700L6J-T800 nitsLVDSResistive touch
ATM0700D6J-CT850 nitsRGBCapacitive touch
ATM0700L6J-CT850 nitsLVDSCapacitive touch