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Drone technology

Drones, properly known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are enjoying a surge in sales, and this has attracted interest from manufacturers of control, power, sensing, imaging and communications components, which play a crucial role in the functioning of a drone.

Of particular importance to a drone is the motor system design: the motor must provide sufficient power and control, but also operate at high efficiency to give the longest possible battery run-time between charges. That’s why this Circuit Centre features a number of the best MOSFETs, integrated motor driver ICs, gate drivers and microcontrollers for motor control.

It also highlights RF transceivers from STMicroelectronics which offer long range and operate in unlicenced frequency bands.


Recommended Parts

Main CPUs
Cypress Semiconductor: PSoC 6
Microchip: ATSAMS70N19
NXP Semiconductors: i.MX6UL, KV5x
STMicroelectronics: STM32H7x3, STM32F7

Aux MCUs
Cypress Semiconductor: S6E1B8 series
Microchip: PIC16F1933
NXP Semiconductors: LPC800 series
STMicroelectronics: STM32L052T8

Multi-channel Transceivers
Murata: TRC104
STMicroelectronics: SP1ML-868, SP1ML-915, SPSGRF-868

Gate Drivers
Diodes Inc.: ZXGD3005E6
Intersil: ISL89163
NXP Semiconductors: MC34937, GD3000
ON Semiconductor: NCP5359A, NCP5104
STMicroelectronics: PM8851

Diodes Inc.: DMN3008SFG
NXP Semiconductors: PSMN0R9-30YLD
ON Semiconductor: NVD4804N, NTD4804N
STMicroelectronics: STB155N3LH6, L6230, STSPIN230
Vishay: SiE882DF

Cypress Semiconductor: S34ML08G1 series
Macronix: MX60LF8G18AC

Alliance Memory:

Amp’ed RF: WF43
Microchip: RN1723
Panasonic: PAN93x0
Redpine Signals: RS-9110-N-11-28 STMicroelectronics: SPWF01SA, SPWF01SC

Murata: SCA3300
NXP Semiconductors: MMA8451Q
Rohm Semiconductor: KXCJK
STMicroelectronics: LSM6DS3US

NXP Semiconductors: MPXHZ6130A
Rohm Semiconductor: BM1383AGLV
STMicroelectronics: LPS25H series
TE Connectivity: MS5534C

NXP Semiconductors: MAG3110
Rohm Semiconductor: KMX61
STMicroelectronics: LSM303C

Microchip: MM7150
NXP Semiconductors: FXAS21002C
Rohm Semiconductor: KXG03
STMicroelectronics: LSM9DS0

NXP Semiconductors: MMA955xL
OriginGPS: ORG1510-MK04
STMicroelectronics: STA8058

USB Power
Cypress Semiconductor: EZ-PDTM CCG3
ON Semiconductor: NCP81231

Panasonic: UR18650ZTA
VARTA: 56786 Rechargeable ACCU

Battery Charger
ams: AS8506C
Intersil: ISL94203

Power Supply
ON Semiconductor: FUSB302B, NCP81239

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