Diodes Incorporated – PCIe 2.1 packet switch complies with automotive quality standards


The PI7C9X2G404SLQ from Diodes Inc., is a four-port/four-lane PCI Express® (PCIe) 2.1 packet switch for one x1 or x2 upstream port, and three x1 downstream ports. The PI7C9X2G304SLQ has the same functions, but supports one x1 or x2 upstream port and two x1 downstream ports.

The switches enable designers to comply with automotive specifications, and to meet the latest low-power system requirements. Qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 3, the switches are manufactured in facilities certified to the automotive TS16949 standard. They also comply with the following standards:
• PCIe base specification, revision 2.1
• PCIe CEM specification, revision 2.0
• PCI-to-PCI bridge architecture specification, revision 1.2
• Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) specification

The PI7C9X2G404SLQ and PI7C9X2G304SLQ switches give users the flexibility to fan out high-speed links from a wide range of end points such as microcontrollers, FPGAs, video processors and application-specific systems- on-chip. They are particularly well suited to automotive telematics and infotainment systems.

The switches feature power-saving functions at both the link and device level. Link power-management functions include:
• L0, L0s, L1, L2, L2/L3 Ready and L3 link power state
• Active state power management for L0s and L1 state

For device power management, the switches have the following features:
• D0, D3Hot and D3Cold
• 3.3V auxiliary power support in D3Cold power state


  • Integrated 100MHz clock buffer for each downstream port
  • 14mm x 14mm QFP outline
  • Up to 512 bytes maximum payload


  • Automotive telematics and infotainment
  • Wired telecoms equipment
  • Wireless communications infrastructure
  • In-vehicle wireless access points
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communications
  • Advanced driver assistance systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Vehicle navigation systems
  • Security systems