Everspin – Non-volatile MRAM lets systems store more data, more often

Available in densities up to 16Mbits, the Everspin range of Magneto- resistive RAM (MRAM) memory devices combines the speed and unlimited endurance of SRAM with the non- volatility of Flash.

The use of MRAM allows designers to create products that store more data, more often than is possible with the use of older non- volatile memory technologies, normally Flash or EEPROM, for back-up memory operations.

Traditionally, systems store mission-critical streaming data in fast volatile memory. When power is interrupted, lost or turned off, storage capacitors are generally used to keep the system powered while data is transferred from volatile memory to non-volatile Flash or EEPROM.

Non-volatile MRAM eliminates the need for storage capacitors because data can be written to MRAM extremely fast – much faster than to Flash or EEPROM.

And because MRAM, unlike Flash or EEPROM, has unlimited endurance for Read/ Write operations, the system can store data to MRAM as frequently as the application requires.

MRAM also offers other important benefits for logged data storage, including:
• 20-year data retention
• No requirement for wear levelling

The Everspin MR25Hxx MRAM devices feature a standard serial peripheral interface. The devices are organised in words of 8 bits each, and provide Read/Write timings compatible with serial EEPROM and serial Flash, with no Write delays. Unlike other serial memories, both Reads and Writes can occur randomly in memory with no delay between Writes.

Everspin also supplies MRAM devices with a parallel interface which have commands and controls compatible with SRAM memory technology. They are available in densities from 256kbits to 16Mbits, in TSOP and BGA package options, and rated for commercial, industrial and extended industrial temperature ranges. There are also automotive-qualified parts with a parallel interface which have a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.


  • Block Write protection
  • Fast SPIs with 40MHz and 50MHz clock rates
  • AEC-Q100 qualified parts available
  • Radiation-tolerant


  • Aircraft engine-control units
  • Flight-control computers
  • Navigation and guidance systems
  • Drones
  • Cockpit voice recorders
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Data loggers

The Everspin MRAM evaluation board is an Arduino- derived shield which will interface with any microcontroller evaluation board that has an Arduino UNO pin-out.

Orderable Part Number: MR25H00-EVAL