Macronix – New family of serial NOR Flash memories raises peak data rate to 400Mbytes/s


The latest OctaFlash series of serial NOR Flash memory devices from Macronix is available today in densities ranging from 256Mbits to 1Gbit.

The new OctaFlash devices with eight I/Os provide greater bandwidth than Macronix’ current Quad I/O Flash devices. The OctaFlash memory family’s user interface is backwards-compatible with that of the Macronix Single I/O serial NOR Flash series, allowing users to extend their product’s memory capability with minimal design effort.

OctaFlash NOR Flash devices operate at high frequencies of 133MHz (single I/O) or 200MHz (8 x I/Os), and support a new Double Transfer Rate (DTR) feature for Read, Programme and Erase operations. This results in an increase of the effective data rate from 100Mbytes/s in the Quad I/O Serial NOR Flash series to 400Mbytes/s in the OctaFlash series. At the same time, Read latency has been considerably reduced.

System designers can use the improved performance of the OctaFlash memories to run eXecute In Place (XIP) operations more effectively and to shorten access times, accelerating system performance.

All the OctaFlash parts enable a Hardware Reset function, support Suspend/Resume instructions, and feature a Unique ID.


  • Adjustable dummy cycles
  • Configuration register
  • Individual sector protection
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C


  • Automotive instrument clusters
  • Car infotainment systems
  • Telematics modules
  • Digital cameras
Part NumberDensitySupply VoltageFrequency (MHz), Bus WidthPackage Options
MX66LM1G45G1Gbit2.7V to 3.6V133 (x1, x8)300mil 16-SOP 6mm x 8mm 24 TFBGA (5x5)
MX25LM51245G512Mbits2.7V to 3.6V133 (x1, x8)300mil 16-SOP 6mm x 8mm 24 TFBGA (5x5)
MX25UM51245G512Mbits1.7V to 2V133 (x1); 200 (x8)300mil 16-SOP 6mm x 8mm 24 TFBGA (5x5)
MX25UM25645G256Mbits1.65V to 2V133 (x1); 200 (x8)300mil 16-SOP 6mm x 8mm 24 TFBGA (5x5)