Nexperia – Comprehensive protection functions safeguard HDMI interfaces


Nexperia’s IP4788CZ32 is a highly integrated protection device which prevents electrical damage to HDMI transmitter host interfaces.

The protection and monitoring capabilities of the IP4788CZ32 for HDMI include:
• Over-current and over-voltage protection
• Display Data Channel (DDC) buffering and decoupling
• Hot-plug detection
• Back-drive protection
• Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) buffering and decoupling
• ±14kV ESD protection for contact discharges for all external I/Os. This far exceeds the requirements of the IEC 61000-4-2, level 4 standard.

The IP4788CZ32 incorporates transmission- line clamping technology on the high-speed Transition Minimised Differential Signalling (TMDS) lines to simplify routing and to help to reduce impedance discontinuities.

All TMDS lines are protected by an impedance- matched diode configuration which minimises the impedance discontinuities typically caused by conventional shunt diodes.

The IP4788CZ32’s 60mA linear regulator guarantees an HDMI-compliant 5V output voltage at inputs rising up to 6.5V.

The DDC lines use a new buffering method which decouples the internal capacitive load from the external capacitive load for use with standard CMOS or LVTTL I/O cells at voltages as low as 1.8V.

This buffering also redrives the DDC and CEC signals, allowing the use of longer or cheaper HDMI cables with a higher capacitance.

The only external component required for the operation of the IP4788CZ32 is a single capacitor.


  • Supports HDMI 2.0 and all earlier standards
  • Compatible with 6Gbits/s TMDS bit rate
  • Supports 4K UHD 60Hz display modes
  • Simple flow-through routing uses less PCB space
  • Robust ESD protection without
  • degradation after repeated ESD strikes


  • Blu-ray DiscTM and DVD players
  • Set-top boxes
  • PC graphics cards
  • Games consoles
  • HDMI picture-quality enhancer modules