NXP – 1W communications processor offers line-rate networking performance


The QorIQ® LS1012A from NXP Semiconductors is a communications processor intended for use in space-constrained, battery- or USB-powered networking and IoT applications. Featuring an 800MHz processor core and various high-speed interfaces, it provides line-rate networking performance while typically consuming just 1W of power.

The LS1012A is based on a single ARM® Cortex®-A53 core with ECC-protected L1 and L2 caches. It features 32kbytes of L1 instruction and data cache and 256kbytes of coherent L2 cache. In addition, the ARM Cortex-A53 core features the NEONTM SimD module and dual-precision floating point unit. The memory controller supports 16-bit DDR3L memory devices operating at 1GHz.

The networking functions of the QorIQ LS1012A processor include a three-lane, 6GHz multi-protocol SerDes which provides support for high-speed interfaces. These include up to two Gigabit Ethernet ports, a DMA-controlled PCI Express® Gen 2.0 port, and one SATA 3.0 port.

The LS1012A includes a hardware packet- forwarding engine which offloads processing of IP packets from the main processor core. Processing IP traffic at a rate of up to 2Gbits/s, this packet-forwarding engine yields higher performance and lower power consumption than pure software processing can achieve.

The processor’s QorIQ trust architecture is compatible with that of higher-end QorIQ devices in the LS family.


  • Dual USB controllers
    • One SuperSpeed USB3.0 controller with integrated PHY
    • One USB2.0 controller
  • Dual 1Gigabit/2.5Gigabit Ethernet controllers
  • Quad SPI
  • SD/MMC interface
  • Support for ARM TrustZone®


  • IoT gateways
  • Smart home gateways
  • Network-attached storage
  • Ethernet drives for data-centre storage
  • Entry-level broadband Ethernet gateways
  • Building- and factory-automation systems

Orderable Part Number: FRDM-LS1012A