NXP – High-performance MCUs for motor control



The Kinetis® KV5x family of MCUs from NXP Semiconductors offers exceptional precision, wide-ranging sensing capabilities and high-performance control functions, making the devices ideal for controlling drone-motor rotors.

Based on an ARM® Cortex®-M7 core running at 240MHz with a single-precision floating point unit, the KV5x series MCUs feature a PWM controller operating at a high resolution of 260ps. In addition, four 12-bit ADCs sample at a rate of 5Msamples/s. A comprehensive enablement suite from NXP and third-party resources, including reference designs, software libraries and motor configuration tools, help the designer to realise high-performance motor designs.

• Up to 1Mbyte of Flash and 256kbytes of RAM
• Ethernet option with true random number generator and cryptographic unit
• 44 timer channels

Orderable Part Number: TWR-KV58F220M

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