NXP – Integrated gate driver IC supports three half bridges

The GD3000 from NXP Semiconductors is a gate driver IC for three-phase motor drive. It provides three half-bridge drivers, each capable of driving two N-channel MOSFETs.

It can drive a peak current to the gate of up to 2.5A, operating from a single power supply with in an input-voltage range of 6V to 60V.

The GD3000 protects the external power stage against the risk of damage from excessive current. It includes a current shunt amplifier for accurate current measurement, a feature which also enables the device to detect phase errors.

NXP supplies the FRDM-GD3000EVB evaluation board to help designers to use the GD3000 in prototype designs. The FRDM- GD3000EVB is intended for use with a FRDM-PWRSTG Freedom Expansion Board and a FRDM microcontroller board.

• Charge pump to boost drive current at low supply voltage
• 75V transient voltage protection
• Programmable dead time range: 50ns to 12μs

Orderable Part Numbers: FRDM-GD3000EVB and FRDM-PWRSTG

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