NXP – Logic chip provides USB Type-C configuration capability

NXP Semiconductors’ PTN5150A is a small, low-power Configuration Channel (CC) logic chip, providing CC control-logic detection and indication functions in USB Type-C connector applications.

The features of the PTN5150A enable a USB Type-C connector to be used as both host and device at either end of the cable. It can also support USB Type-C-to-legacy-USB cables and adapters as defined in the USB Type-C specification.

The device can work autonomously, or it can connect to a controller through its I2C interface.

The PTN5150A can be configured to operate in dual-role, Host or Device mode through an external configuration pin or through the I2C interface. The CC control logic detection and indication block supports three current modes: default current is 500mA/900mA, medium current is 1.5A and high current is 3.0A.

On detection of the plug’s orientation, the pin identifier will indicate whether the PTN5150A is working in either the Host or Device role. Other status indicators are also reflected in the I2C registers.


  • Complies with USB Type-C specification v1.1
  • Supports plug, orientation, role and charging-current detection
  • 15μA stand-by current
  • Supply-voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • ESD protection exceeds 7kV on the human body model and 500V on the contact discharge model


  • Mobile devices
  • Portable computing equipment
  • Docking stations