NXP – Reference platform speeds design of modular IoT gateways


The SLN-NTW-GTWY from NXP Semiconductors, a modular IoT gateway solution, is a hardware and software platform for gateways for commercial network installations containing many nodes. Use of this NXP IoT gateway platform enables OEMs to reduce time-to-market, cut the risks associated with wireless connectivity, and save development costs.

The modular IoT gateway combines a high- performance i.MX applications processor, a production-ready Linux®-based board support package, out-of-the-box low-power wireless mesh connectivity, commissioning through NFC and state-of-the-art security capabilities.

Via low-power wireless mesh network technologies such as Thread® and ZigBee®, the gateway can provide a connection to more than 250 devices on the edge of the network. It then provides these edge devices with a link to the cloud through Wi-Fi® and Ethernet channels. Local intelligence enables time-critical responses even when cloud connectivity is not available.

The security features of the i.MX processor include high-assurance boot, secure key storage, external tamper detection for passive and active events, and internal tamper detection for protection against voltage, glitch and differential power analysis. A cryptographic acceleration and assurance module handles the execution of encryption software.

For efficient commissioning of end nodes, the gateway features secure NFC tap-to-connect capability. Using a smartphone application, end nodes can be quickly commissioned, even when the device that is being installed is not powered.

Because the gateway is a modular reference design, developers have the flexibility to quickly build and iterate a range of design implementations adapted to specific use cases.


  • i.MX6UL system-on-module, based on ARM® Cortex®-A7 Core
  • Kinetis® KW41Z 2.4GHz dual-mode Bluetooth Low Energy and 802.15.4 wireless radio
  • JN5169 ZigBee and 802.15.4 wireless MCU
  • PN7120 NFC controller
  • A70CM secure element
  • FCC/CE/IC certified
  • Over-the-air programming via Multicast


  • Large commercial IoT networks